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About Us

Welcome to Nigerian Fallen Heroes Foundation(Our Background)

Less than a decade after the independence of our great country, Nigeria, our unity and resolve to live at peace with one another was tested by the civil war. Behind the undercurrents of hatred and deep seated disenfranchisement by both sides, another battle raged. Eager to serve their country, young men were recruited on both sides. Faced with a myriad of uncertainties, brave men marched for what they believed in, brave men, strong men. Decades after the war, those men who carried the banners of both sides and whose march ended at the war have become a memory to distant to call to remembrance.

Once again, decades after the civil war, brave men again march and are dying for a united Nigeria, against an enemy who abides but no conventions. Whilst the unsung heroes of the past have little or no place in our Nations history, today, we are in danger of making the same mistake.

” We believe, that the answer lies in our remembrance of history, in the honour of those who pay the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our nation.

By paying little or no attention and by not celebrating our fallen heroes, we are collectively robbing generations to come of an important part of our history. As defining as the Nigerian civil war was, it is sad that there is no central database which young people can access to learn of those who died fighting for our nation. This raises the question, how are we to to understand patriotism if we we cannot recognise those whose lives are the foundation our nation? How do we hope to raise a generation whose pride and dignity are premised on the glory of our fatherland, how do we rekindle the fiery passion that drove our forebears to build what has become the biggest nation in Africa. We believe, that the answer lies in our remembrance of history, in the honour of those who pay the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our nation. We believe that by rekindling an attitude of gratitude for our fallen heroes, we can begin to rekindle patriotism in our youths and generations to come.

Our Motivation

In May 2014, I went to my state of origin Adamawa State, which was currently under a state of emergency. I had a friend in the Nigerian Army that had been posted there. A few days into my trip I called and sent him a couple of messages to check up on him and say hi but he did not pick my call or reply my messages after a whole day which was very unlike him.

He finally got in back to me and said on carrying out his duties on his way to Madgali local government (which in northern Adamawa) they came under attack by Boko Haram members so obviously that was why I had not heard from him. He also also explained he had been tied up cause he lost men in the attack and was still trying to locate some others. 

My heart sank so deep at hearing this news and I was filled with fear. Later on that day I listened to the news as I usually do and to my surprise no mention of this attack or these brave men that lost their lives protecting their nation was mentioned. At that moment I thought to myself saying what if it was my friend that did not make it out of that attack alive does that mean it will be only his contacts on BB and his family that will know of the great sacrifice he made? 

My friend is one that loves his job and takes pride in it and is dedicated to it. He puts his service to this nation first above all, he is brave, fair and a man of Honor. I am sure there are many like him in the armed forces and they lay their lives daily to protect the sovereignty and citizens of this nation, 

“He also also explained he had been tied up cause he lost men in the attack and was still trying to locate some others.

but the sad part of this is that we do not honor them; neither do we even know who they are in order to remember them.

This led to me having the idea to set up this foundation starting with the website, a place where people could come to see the men and women who laid down their lives to protect this nation and a place where people could leave words of encouragement and tributes to our heroes, cause truly they are the fallen heroes of Nigeria, and also where their families could see how much Nigerians appreciate the sacrifices their loved ones have made. Also when this war against boko haram is over and generations after this era are born they will always be able to see and know the men and women that laid down their lives to make their country better and secure for them to be born into.

I hope as people visit the website and see the men and women that laid down their lives for you and I, people would leave some words of encouragement so their families may see and know they are appreciated. Also to let those still alive and fighting for us that they are not alone the Nigerian people are with them and praying for them and honoring them.

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What We Stand For

  • Our Focus

    While we believe that all who have fought and died for nation deserve a special place in our history, this organization focuses those who have died fighting in the north-east as well as their families. We believe that this war is one which every Nigerian today can relate to and understand.

  • Our Goal

    • Create a robust database of the men and women that have defending Nigeria in the war against Boko Haram and well as past or future campaigns.
    • To always celebrate Nigeria’s fallen heroes on the Armed Forces Remembrance day through our event “Light A Candle For a Fallen Hero”
    • To educate the youths of Nigeria on the importance of respecting and honoring the serving personnel of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.
    • To reach out and care for the families of Nigeria’s fallen heroes, through various socio-economic programs.
    • To improve Civil-Military relations.

  • Our Values

    • Compassion
    • Respect and honor
    • Integrity
    • Transparency

  • Our Vision

    To be the organization that promotes respect and honor for the personnel of the Armed forces while caring for the families of the fallen heroes through programs of education and socio-economic empowerment.

Our Mission